Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rumors of Amanda Watkins' Freedom Continue

Has Colbert County Judge Jackie Hatcher released Amanda Duboise Watkins? As the judge who sentenced Watkins, Hatcher could free Watkins with the stroke of a pen, but why would she?

We've received several e-mails that state Watkins is free and that the freedom was courtesy of Judge Hatcher, but we've seen no news sources which verify this. In fact, the following remains posted by the DOC:

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If it should be true, we would speculate a health matter made Watkins a liability for the state; however, it's hard to believe Watkins' freedom could be kept out of the mainstream press. It's also hard to believe she could have been released without the knowledge of the DOC, but stranger things have happened.

To be continued...


We have a correction on our blog concerning Lyndsey Brooke Grindol. Her military service was indeed in Alabama, and not out of state as reported. We'll have a more in depth report later this month.


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