Saturday, October 5, 2013

Introducing "Dewey the Dip"

Our friend O.B. has written an excellent blog on the animal control situation in Lauderdale County and Florence. Read it here.

It hasn't been that long since County Commission Chair Dewey Mitchell had some interesting comments concerning the old shelter. From the May 6th TD:

Commission Chairman Dewey Mitchell said one of the first things that needs to be done is to learn the ownership structure of the current animal shelter. “If it’s 50-50, which I have always been told it was, we need to look at liquidating those assets and putting that toward the expense of a new facility,” Mitchell said.

So it's 80/20 when paying out, but 50/50 when taking in. Nice deal if you can get it...


Speaking of nice deals, do you ever compare bail amounts for various crimes? Just as sentences seem to vary among the counties, so do bonds for serious crimes. Tomorrow we'll take a look at two cases of child abuse and let you the reader decide if something is wrong with the picture.



  1. The Colbert County shelter is supported by the county, but try to get them to pick up an animal out of the Tri-cities limits.

  2. Thanks. Debbie Rappuhn and all of the volunteers do a great job. I know for a fact that the volunteers have paid for things out of their own pocket for the animal shelter. This is unacceptable.