Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Habla Whut?

I called a small town office yesterday. I got two messages. One was in Spanish. The one in Spanish was longer than the one in English. Why? Was this business that desperate for money?

I was in Walmart. I heard a message over the public address system. I heard it, but didn't understand it. I asked the clerk when I checked out what it was all about. She said it was a message for an automotive customer who had requested a reminder in Spanish. Now that's some catering. I wonder if I could get the tire center to announce in German since I have ancestors from Germany. I'm not holding my breath.

Anybody on Twitter? I got a message a few weeks ago that Twitter had reset my password. I rarely Tweet, but someone had tried to access my account. Why? I have about 16 followers and they're just there because they were looking to get a reciprocal following from me. It's not like it's PayPal or involves any money. So what would I Tweet if I could hack anyone's account?

From Gov. Robert Bentley: In honor of my hernia surgery, EBT cards are all cancelled until next year.

From Sheriff Ronnie Willis: All Lauderdale County sex offenders are to report immediately to ECM for surgical castration.

From  Blogger Shoalanda Speaks: I'm giving Bailey Quarters a raise.


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