Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ethics Complaint Brought Against Judge Mike Jones

Kenneth Paschal, Director of Government Affairs for ALFRA, has brought an ethics complaint against Lauderdale County Circuit Court Judge Mike Jones. The suit has been filed on behalf of the minor child of Mark Davis.

How many ethics complaints against judges are filed each year in Alabama? Since 2000, the yearly average is 156. Obviously these complaints are not a great rarity, but neither are they an every day occurrence in each of Alabama's 67 counties.

Just what does this ethics complaint say? The complaint itemizes five charges against Jones; however, our opinion is the accusation that the good judge allowed personal malice against Mark Davis to affect his ruling(s) is one of the complaint's strongest points.

The judicial inquiry committee has informed Mr. Paschal that it may be at least eight weeks before any action is taken on the complaint. We're waiting, and the citizens of Alabama are watching.


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  1. I can assure you nothing will be found against the judge. The committee happens to be lawyers taking care of lawyers.