Friday, March 28, 2014

A Keller Delay?

So Helen Keller Hospital, in its bid to appeal a new hospital in Lauderdale County, has struck again. To refresh your memory, RegionalCare won the right to build a new facility in East Florence. Keller then appealed, and the date for the hearing was set for March 14th. In the interim, Keller hired a new attorney, one H. Lewis Gillis, who had a previous commitment that prohibited him from attending the appeal hearing.

Keller has won their delay. Now Mr. Gillis will be making those big bucks that he loves so much in a bankruptcy hearing. We can't blame RegionalCare for being just a little ticked. Shouldn't Keller, or at least Gillis, have to pay ECM a little fine? Take the staff out to dinner at the 360? Something?


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