Friday, March 21, 2014

Remembering Clo Stoner

Clo Taylor Stoner was brutally shot dead last Monday, along with a second woman and a dog. This blog isn't going to focus on the "why" or other data that will come out if there is a trial. We've been told that Mark Edwin Montgomery is so wrapped up in himself that he will request a trial in hopes of ensnaring jury members in his web.

A long-time friend of this blogger lives out of state and cannot be here for Mrs. Stoner's funeral. She is very concerned that, since Clo had no local living family, she will be overlooked in all this. We wish we could say this won't but true, but we have seen it happen. Our friend was very disappointed in Clo's obituary; therefore, we're going to publish what she's written to us about Clo:

Clo’s funeral will be Sunday at Elkins in Florence. She has NO family. Her obit. was a pic of her as a senior in HS, and some broad statements about having been a nurse for a number of years and loving her dogs.The relative submitting that obituary didn’t know her as well as I do. She was from Florence, graduated from either Coffee or Bradshaw, I’m thinking in 1975.   I know that she was a widow, that she graduated from Calhoun nursing school, and could have found out her graduation date.

To our friend and others suffering over the loss of loved ones, we say it's not about the worldly remembrances, for God knows their lives. We never met either of these two women, but we know their friends are suffering. Our friend from out of state has indicated she wants Montgomery to receive a quick death for his crimes. We say: Isn't living in a pure hell hole for the rest of his natural life a much better punishment?


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  1. In my opinion, a quick death is too good for Mark Montgomery. I'd rather leave it all in God's hands. My Lord always takes care of these things. My God says," Vengeance is Mine" Rest in Peace Dear Friend, Clo.