Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Psychic or In Need of Psychiatric Help?

From a recent TimesDaily article on parole hearings: “We know what they’re going to say, anyway,” Janette Grantham of Victims of Crime and Leniency said. “They’ve found Jesus, and they want to go out and be a good example. That’s what they all say.”

We have the greatest respect for VOCAL; in fact one of our blogging team is very involved in the local group. We simply know that everyone can't be placed in the same basket and thrown to the wolves.

What the article, or Ms. Grantham, didn't tell the reader is that those up for parole don't have the option to attend their hearings in this state. While they may "address" the board in writing, the state finds it cost prohibitive to escort prisoners to a parole hearing in Montgomery or to arrange a video hookup.

Now you know. Oh, and we want to take Ms. Grantham to Tunica with us...


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