Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Bro. Jeff" Has a Fan!

It seems whenever someone is arrested for a crime, there are those who defend them; however, the more heinous the crime, the fewer defenders they usually have. In the past we've received comments from those who support abusers of women, rapists, kidnappers, and even murderers. Yes, we know, it was either for a good cause or all the victims really deserved what they got. Let's see how far that argument goes with the judge and jury.

We've even seen a child rapist defended because his four year-old victim seduced him. As stated, those comments are rare; however, we've just recieved our second comment on a "Bro. Jeff" blog that implies most of the case against Jeff Eddie was based on "gossip."

So, to "Get a Life People," we say this: Jeff Eddie confessed his crimes. No one forced a confession, no one forced him to plead guilty, and no one forced Eddie to do what he did to innocent young men. He, and he alone, is responsible. While we don't like to think about such things, you can be sure there are many out there who do like children in a sexual way, but actually manage to suppress these desires...just as Shoalanda managed to turn down that double chocolate fudge cake at Sunday dinner...


As an afterthought, are we sure this commenter was defending Eddie or does he simply support the clergy in general? We're pretty sure he supports Eddie in particular since he has not commented on two other recent cases of local clergy seducing children. There are much better ways for a true friend to support a person than to overlook such serious shortcomings.


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