Monday, April 14, 2014

A Word About Muscle Shoals

We are publishing this anonymously since we have not obtained permission to us a name. If the writer would like credit, please contact us, and many thank:

What is up with the City getting "permission" from the court to demolish and haul off privately owned buildings they deem as public nuisance?

They harass some of the developers when their vacant lots have growth of 12 inches of grass and threaten them with their "ordinance" on public nuisance.

I have a string of text messages with one councilman that explained how they do the privately owned buildings demolition and to "trust him".

I told him I guess the best way to get something free when your roof falls in is to have the city deem it a public nuisance and clear your property so you can re-build. What a plan. Such rocket scientist.

Didn't get an answer to my question if they billed the owners - I think we probably know the answers to that one.

Yeah right.

ANOTHER QUESTION - What about that money pit called the Cypress Lakes Golf Course?
Millions of dollars spent - and they are running scared that the public will ask for the income and expenses (not to mention in kind work from all the different departments)

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