Friday, April 18, 2014

Another Hottie Scottie Victim

We recently received a communication from a gentleman who had read the Shoals Crime post Kinky Killen Kidnapping. He states he was a victim of Andrew Daniel Scott and had reported the theft, but has not received any restitution from the young man...and he’s looking for answers, not to mention money.

One route the victim inquired about was hiring his own attorney. Unless the amount he lost was well into the thousands, we don’t see that as being economically feasible. If he wants to be sure Scott pays as some kind of justice, then it might be morally worth it to him.

Unfortunately, it’s possible that this theft may have been admitted by Andrew Scott, but not specifically listed in any of his indictments and, therefore, not legally binding to require restitution. Since Scott was arrested again last November, anyone who has been a victim should contact the Lauderdale County District Attorney’s office for help in how to proceed now that Hottie Scottie is again active in the system and awaiting further sentencing.

If this theft was documented and mentioned in Scott’s previous plea agreement, the victim (or other victims) should contact the office of the circuit court clerk to determine if the courts are holding any funds for disbursement. There seems to be close to two dozen reported victims in the wake of Andrew Daniel Scott’s seven-year long crime spree, and we doubt all will ever be repaid.

And, yes, it’s very sad when anyone’s hard earned money is taken from them and winds up in the nose or arm of a douche bag.


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