Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ah, A Value Judgment!

Unless the topic at hand concerns some highly immoral act--rape or kidnapping for instance--we are always happy to publish different points of view. We will usually offer our point of view as well; after all, it is our blog.

Yesterday we published an interesting account of the repercussions of Greg Scoggins role playing as the Deerslayer. If any had doubts, we think the man should never be allowed to even look at a gun again, let alone serve as a police officer. We hope he's attacked by innocent deer every night in his dreams.

Nevertheless, we are amused by the whole legal morass the case is trapped in. We also love to see Mr. Billy Underwood's defense of anyone. As an attorney, he rocks!

Now...about HASRA v. PAWS. One of our readers accused us of supporting PAWS in the not so petty squabble which that organization has taken to circuit court. We have not published our views, but were greatly amused that any readers thought we supported PAWS based on anything we had recently written.

Uh...no. HASRA is one of the most noble organizations we have ever seen. We do hesitate to criticize PAWS at some level, since for years that group was the only one of its kind in the area and did perform a great service.

No, we wholeheartedly support HASRA. BTW, Bruce, you rock also!


Back to former officer Scoggins...why would he have taken a gun and shot such a magnificent animal? For food? We know that's been reported, but...

We've consulted our friend Miss Marple who has concluded since he was dumped by his wife and had to use a gun to prove his manhood, Greg Scoggins doesn't have a penis. We welcome your thoughts on this, but please use correct anatomical wording. Bada Bing!


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