Monday, April 28, 2014

Another Take on William Harold Kimbrough III

Our blog recently mentioned William Harold Kimbrough III, aka Trey, currently under arrest for possession and distribution of an illegal narcotic, namely heroin. Some felt our blog was too hard on Kimbrough and had him already wrongly “convicted.”

We don’t know what Kimbrough’s defense will be, but unless the families of his victims and local police have all lied or choose to recant, he will be going away for a long time. A friend of ours has suggested Kimbrough wasn’t your average dealer, but someone caught up in his own addiction, which he couldn’t seem to conquer. That may be true, but it doesn’t change the state laws concerning heroin distribution.

That brings us to his victims. We say “victims” since four of his customers died and one was at the brink of death for several days. These five were not forced to purchase this drug, nor were they forced to take it. Yet they didn’t plan on death being a side effect of a relatively short euphoria.

Yes, we’ve been sent names of those who died, and no, we won’t publish them here. If this list is correct, there is one victim which greatly disturbs us. Our mental health system may not be a total failure, but it fails many. Yes, many in the system have fought to protect us, but we continue to fail them miserably. Tommy Atkins lives today and he still fails to claim the respect he deserves.


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  1. He needs it. Spoken from an ex clean and sober ex wife.