Friday, April 11, 2014

Kathy Smith Aaron: Not Necessarily Our Opinion?

We recently blogged on Kathy Aaron, a Muscle Shoals resident who last year took part in the robbery of her former employer. After any blog, we usually receive e-mails concerning the perps. We usually clean them up...if we publish them at all; however, Kathy seems so nice and all, here's the goods:

I went to H.S. with Kathy (maiden name Smith) Aaron. She was a 1977 graduate of Russellville High School. We were in band together for a few years. She was a mean, freckle faced little bully to the younger band members, but I got along with her because I get along with almost everyone, and because I thought she was funny trying to boss the smaller kids around. (Not too mature of me, I guess).
Years later, she went to work in Russellville at what was then Harco Drug. Tim Aaron was hired there as a pharmacist, and over time, they dated and then married. They have been divorced for many years now. Tim used to be, well, not very attractive, but likeable, and most of us felt that she married him because he had a better career than she would ever have. Now, he looks much better and has a very pretty wife. I went to college with him.
At one time, Kathy was said to be a druggie, around the time she was working in the drug store. I don’t know if she straightened up that part of her life or not before turning to larceny.

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