Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hospice of the Shoals: Really Non-Profit?

We've received many inquiries over the years concerning so-called "non-profit" agencies in the Shoals and elsewhere. Recently, for whatever reason, we've received a few concerning Hospice of the Shoals. Is it truly "non-profit?"

The answer is yes and no. Confused, now?

Any business has to have income in order to function. We doubt the nurses, aides, office staff, etc. want to work for free. If any Hospice of the Shoals employees work for free, please contact us and we'll make a retraction on this point immediately.

Come out with 10K left over one that profit? What about the next month when the hospice comes out 10K under what's needed to make expenses and payroll? It should even out, but one can never accurately predict expenses--just as you might not be able to predict what damage a storm might do to your roof.

So, should you donate to this hospice? If this is your charity of choice, we say you should go for it! There are no owners who receive huge incomes each month--this is the standard by which they are truly deemed non-profit.

Remember, if you or someone or the United Way does not contribute, this hospice if funded only by patients with insurance...and that's certainly not all of them. The uninsured deserve care as much as anyone else, at least when they're dying.


Are all for profit hospices equal? No. See above comment about mismanagement by greedy owners. 


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