Thursday, April 17, 2014

Finding the Brown Recluse

Yes, our friend the Brown Recluse has reached a milestone and also has a new web home. Congratulations to our favorite spider, er, blogger in reaching 100,000 unique page views. Total page hits usually run about 150% of unique hits, so Margaret is a force to be reckoned with in Shoals Cyberspace.

We have been remiss in not updating her new website addy, but rest assured it has now been done. Her site may be found in the list of links appearing in the left hand column of our blog. Once there, we promise you’ll be charmed by the Brown Recluse’s photography, doodles, and of course writing. You’ll be happy you checked in to learn of her latest adventures with Ol’ Boy and Mr. Gibbs. 

While on the subject of blogs, our sister publication Shoals Crime recently updated its posts. If any readers have an article on local crime, please feel free to forward it to us with information on how you want authorship listed. Any articles sent to us remain the property of the author and may be republished elsewhere at any time.

If you have a local blog and are not listed in our sidebar index, please forward the information to us. We want you to have a long, successful, and happy run!


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