Sunday, April 6, 2014

Another Take on Paul Bussman

We recently blogged on Republican State Senator Paul Bussman. Sen. Bussman was unhappy that a bill affecting animal welfare was being debated on the last day of the session. After all, there were so many more important bills.

We have to ask Sen. Bussman if there were some lesser bills debated on the first day or the session? Or the second? Or the third? It would be nice if our elected officials could prioritize during the entire term, but alas they can’t seem to. What was his suggestion to correct this? A filibuster.

So Sen. Bussman thinks if 30 or so minutes of the daily session is “wasted” on a bill, he should waste the entire day? Logic isn’t his strong point, is it?


We had some comments on our blog concerning Sen. Bussman. Do we think animal welfare is more important than that of Alabama’s human citizens? No, but perhaps this will illustrate the point:

A man stood on a pier looking out at raging storm. To his left, a large ship was sinking. It was barely recognizable on the horizon, but he knew the ship carried elected officials and other dignitaries from around the world. Sadly, there was nothing he could do to save it.

Looking to his right, the man saw a small canoe thirty feet from shore. This craft was also sinking, and the lone passenger was frantically trying to save himself. The man on the pier looked at the life preserver hanging nearby. He could easily toss the flotation device to the canoeist and save his life. Did he?

We certainly hope he did. Just because he couldn’t save the hundreds in the cruise ship doesn’t mean he shouldn’t save the lone boater. Similarly, just because we can’t make every citizen’s life better, we shouldn’t overlook a valid opportunity to improve the life of the animals with which we share our world.


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