Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Punishment for Those Band Members?

We’ve received several comments about the band bus incident. The high school has been named in various places, but we won’t add this blog to the list. We will say the school is one that the Shoals area should be proud of, but just not in this one instance. For all we’ve heard, we’ve not learned of any punishment meted out to these two students. Should there be?

When we were in high school a few hundred years ago, it was common for some to ridicule band members, especially the males, but in reality anyone who makes the band is extremely talented. Playing an instrument is not like singing—it doesn’t come naturally—it has to be learned, and that takes discipline. Factor in the need to master the marching, and you have to admit those who play in the band are much more likely to be a success in life than many of their classmates.

That being said, what kind of person, unless totally wasted, has sex in public? We can imagine in 2055 the female may be walking down a street when she’ll pass someone who can’t resist saying to a companion, “That’s the girl I went to high school with who had sex in public.” Sorry...it just doesn’t go away.

Our opinion? No matter how intelligent, these two (the male has reportedly been in some serious trouble before) seem like great candidates for the alternative school.


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