Friday, April 25, 2014

Bad Heroin?/William Kimbrough

From a reader on our story concerning the four who died and one seriously damaged from a specific batch of heroin:

They didn't die from 'bad' heroin. They od'd because the heroin was more pure than what they're used too. We are hearing it's only being cut 2-3 times instead of 8-9 times. It's more potent not bad. They get what they used before but it's too much and they don't know til it's too late. Watch American Gangster you'll get what were seeing. Someone's gotten an almost direct line to a source and selling it dirt cheap. Yes the dealers should be held more accountable but not sure that will ever happen.

This is only too true, but we have heard of these drugs being cut with rat poison. Nothing would surprise us.


The dealer arrested in those crimes was William Kimbrough III. With his ears he could give up drug dealing and run his own flying service. (We don't make it a practice to comment on the physical appearance of others, but we'll make an exception for a heroin dealer.)


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  1. Trey also has a serious addiction. Known him for years and was once a really good person. Drugs have ruined his life although it was his choice to start but the addiction just lingered on. If I'm not mistaken, so far, he is only suspected of selling to those individuals ??