Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No One's With the Band?

We recently read an article in PNS concerning drug testing for band members at a local high school (Wilson Drug Testing). It seems that bands are considered an arm of sports. This is in addition to regular random drug testing at various high schools.

Almost immediately after reading this article, we received a communication concerning a very unsavory incident on a local band trip. The school was unnamed, and we have not asked, but we believe it was in Colbert County.

Now for those who have not made it into the 21st Century, we regret that we have to tell you that not all children are reared in the First Uptown Baptist Church or the Cherry Lane Church of Christ. What does that mean for parents? It means you gotta watch those little darlings like Henry watching Foghorn.

Of course, it's not just the band. Remember the Clements High School cadaver debacle. About the same time an Alabama high school student was killed while crossing I-65 after specifically being told not to. We haven't heard, but we assume the high school was sued anyway.

Oh, you say your kids wouldn't. Probably not, but do you really want them to see their friends' intestines on the median or the equivalent of Deep Throat on the band bus? The moral? If it's a long trip, take enough parents to sleep in shifts...and be sure to wear your leisure suits to embarrass them to the max. Send us the pictures.


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  1. daughter was on that bus with 4 "chaperones"! Things like that are going to happen. But, you think they'll sneak into their room or a bathroom or something...not right behind your 15 year old daughter on a bus!