Saturday, April 5, 2014

Who Were the Five?

Who were the five? The five Shoals residents who have recently seen their worldly exits hastened due to some bad heroin? No, we don’t need to know their names even though some have been suggested to us, but we can infer some basics without ever knowing any actual identities.

Each of the five died in Florence and probably had the same dealer. If not the same immediate dealer, the drugs sold to these five unfortunate souls came from the same source via those lower down in the hierarchy. It’s only a matter of time before authorities can name him...and arrest him.

Can he be charged with some sort of homicide? Probably, but if he has enough prior convictions, he can be given Life Without Parole strictly on a the basis of being a habitual offender. The penalties for selling heroin or other such Schedule I drugs are extremely stiff in Alabama. 


Can we be sure this unknown, unnamed dealer will be captured? Nothing in life is sure, but we’re guessing there will be those only too happy to name names, reward or not.

It wasn’t that long ago that a young Muscle Shoals man died after taking what he thought was LSD. No one was ever charged in his death, but our sources (and did we ever learn a few things) explained how such designer drugs made their way to the Shoals via the Silk Road (now shut down?) or other secretive online sources.

Heroin is different. In the past 12 months, there have been several dealers arrested, but none has made his way to trial as of this date. These individuals are still free—out on bail. God help them if they’ve continued to deal in this drug. God will forgive them, but the courts of Alabama will not.


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