Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Even Angel Has a Fan...

We recently blogged on a local hospice that bills itself as non-profit. A friend mentioned that Helen Keller Hospital also describes itself as non-profit. Of course, HKH usually takes that designation just a little too seriously. We do have to wonder, given some of the hospital’s losses in recent years, how HKH can afford its ever growing army of attorneys to fight against the new RegionalCare hospital in Florence. Surely Huntsville Hospital isn’t helping to finance that fight?


Sources say the woman at the center of some local nursing home fraud has passed away. No word on any lawsuit, but we will keep attempting to find out more particulars on possible sidelined narcotics. If you have loved ones in nursing homes, don’t hesitate to ask about their care. If nothing is being covered up, the staff should be happy to address any of your concerns.


A recent commenter on Angel Gieske has championed Angel as someone who helped unite families—no matter if there were “problems” with her credentials or not. Well, gentle reader, the problems also extended to her using a fraudulent address for her non-profit “agency” and lying under oath about it all. We’ll add that if credentials don’t really matter, a friend of ours, plumber by trade, has expressed an interest in setting up a practice in neurosurgery. Any one out there want to give him a try? We’re sure he has the best interest of any patients at heart...


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