Thursday, May 1, 2014

John Wesley Akin & Gangsta Jazz?

A reader has asked if John Wesley Akin, currently under indictment in Lauderdale County, Morgan County, and Florida, was wearing an ankle monitor when he pulled a bunk earlier in the week. Considering the seriousness of his charges, that may very well have been the case. He could have removed the monitor or disabled it in some way resulting in an almost immediate missing person search.

It’s also possible that a family member or even friend has helped with Akin’s bail and was keeping close track on the alleged heroin dealer. When the financial backer thought there was a distinct possibility Akin was on the run, he or she immediately reported him missing. He was apprehended within 24 hours of his disappearance.

Akin, like Trey Kimbrough, faces a very stern sentence should he be convicted, not only because of the amount of heroin found in Akin’s vehicle last year, but also because of his past brushes with the law. Also as with Kimbrough, we’ve had readers tell us of Akin’s good points and his love for his family.

Unfortunately, if convicted, Akin faces a very likely 25 year sentence with no chance of early release due to his previous crimes. That may still be less than Kimbrough will face if convicted since the Lauderdale District Attorney’s office is sure to attempt to indict Kimbrough on felony murder charges as well.


A reader tells us that Florence High School recently held a “Gangsta Jazz” concert. Is being a gangsta now something of which to aspire?


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