Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And What of Jeff Burbank?

Jeff Burbank is the current principal at the Colbert County alternative school. Earlier this week, the board of education transferred him to a classroom position at Colbert County High School for the fall term. Interesting development, isn’t it? Now the position at the alternative school is open for Tony Olivis to fill.

Will Olivis attempt to fill it with Bob Montgomery, the beleaguered Colbert Heights Elementary School principal now on administrative leave? That, gentle readers, is what one of our sources told us over a week ago—days before the board meeting.

Ideally, such a position should be posted. Even more ideally, the current principal wouldn’t have been transferred to start with. So now we have Superintendent Anthony Olivis either removing or attempting to remove four of his nine school administrators since he took office less than two years ago.

The TimesDaily has listed $21,000.00 as the current amount spent so far in attempting to oust Bob Montgomery. Obviously, it’s not over yet.

What of the other three administrators? Just how many tax payer dollars have been spent defending the school board against their legal motions? Will Jeff Burbank sue? Will Bob Montgomery be forced to sue to retain his job at CHES? Will the board pull its collective hair out?

Pass the popcorn...


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  1. Come on now. These are people's lives and livelihoods we are talking about. The parents and taxpayers of Colbert County need to demand an explanation from Olivis as to his 'reasonings' (and I use that term lightly) behind his actions.