Friday, May 2, 2014

Florence Seeks New Animal Control Director

Florence is seeking a new animal control director. Some have questioned the salary; however, we feel the working environment demands a certain salary...and we don’t just mean being faced daily with the possibility of having to euthanize healthy animals.

The director would report to a member of the Florence Police Department who in turn reports to the police chief. He or she would also ostensibly answer to Phil Stevenson who is the official spokesperson for the city. Three, or more, superiors isn’t that odd in the business world, but for a city department with the history of Florence animal control, we don’t envy the new director.


Earlier today we published a special report concerning a theft of funds from Highland Park Baptist Church. The reader who had contacted us asked about an arrest. If the church is attempting to have its insurance repay the amount taken, it will have to turn the matter over to police. We await more info.


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