Thursday, May 22, 2014

What's in a Name?

We receive numerous e-mails each day. Many are in thanks for covering a specific subject, and some ask us to continue to follow up on a specific story. If we have any new readers joining us today, let us stress we do not do articles on anyone who is not a public personage, usually meaning having been arrested or still in the state or federal legal system. This designation can also include elected officials and those who thrust themselves in the public domain by holding news conferences or sponsoring public campaigns concerning certain issues.

A few years ago, a young area woman was brutally murdered. The victim’s aunt contacted us and requested we publish as much as we could on the crime. At a later date, the victim’s father contacted us asking that we not link these blogs to his Facebook cause page. We certainly honored his request, but until we discussed the issue with the gentleman, we were unaware he and the aunt were at odds on the matter. Our opinion was the father’s wishes should come first.

Now a slightly similar case has arisen. We recently did a blog on “Landon’s Law” which we wholeheartely support. We also support the prosecution of the one responsible for Landon Letsinger’s death. We do find this case slightly similar to the incident involving John Clark Burns Jr. who is currently indicted in Tennesse in the vehicular homicide death of Brittany Underwood.

We made the comment that a member of Landon’s family had supported Burns. We have been contacted by the Letsinger family and wish to clarify that this person is not a member of the immediate family. We had assumed the person in question was Landon’s uncle when in reality he was much farther removed. We are happy to make that correction and apologize for our error.

We plan to do a more in depth blog on John Clark Burns Jr.s’ legal problems at a later date.


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