Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Local Jobs for Graduates?

Graduation is a time for new beginnings. Unfortunately in the Shoals it is also often a time for graduates to leave the area in order to find jobs. This is an area that produces “too many” teachers, nurses, and even MBAs. We have graduates who have been overcharged for their education and now they will enter the workforce as underpaid.

Nevertheless, congratulations to those who had the intelligence and perseverance to make it through college. We commend you and wish you only the best.


A reader has asked when the pot holes on Wood Avenue in Florence are scheduled to be repaired. We think the city’s construction schedule had this project inked in for July 2012. In other words, it should have already been completed by now. To those who may wish for a more specific date, we’ll venture the project will be finished around the time Hwy 43 to Lawence County is completed and just before the O’Neal Bridge is repainted. In other words, “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.”


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