Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lauderdale Sheriff: Baker or Singleton?

Thank God and the FBI that Ronnie Willis will be leaving office soon. Lauderdale County voters have an opportunity to elect an honest, competent sheriff. So who?

Two are running on the Republican ticket. Jeremy Baker is a state trooper and a former marine. He says he won't tolerate crime. We don't think Willis' attitude against crime was too lax. It was his handling of other situations that should have given voters pause after only one term.

Rick Singleton is the former Florence police chief. As such he has executive experience, as well as time in the trenches.

We're sure that both candidates are honest and both want what's best for Lauderdale County; however, Rick Singleton outshines Baker in experience and leadership. We wholeheartedly endorse Rick Singleton for the Republican candidate.


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  1. I'm in total agreement. He was an awesome Florence Police Chief and he would make the BEST Lauderdale County Police Chief