Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Will Olivis Be Voted Out?

We regularly compare candidates for various offices and make recommendations. Two years ago, we did just that in the Colbert County School System race for superintendent. We looked at the qualifications of the two men who sought this office, neither or whom we knew, and then read their press releases. We chose to back Bob (Tuc) Montgomery as both the most educated and experienced.

Needless to say, whenever we endorse any candidate, we get mail from those who support his/her opponent. The most mail we have ever received was concerning this one endorsement. We are not unaware that much of this kind of mail is from one person using different e-mail accounts, but in this case we felt, and still feel, that Anthony Olivis had strong support. Mr. Olivis’ backers sent us varied accounts of his accomplishments.

After reading the material on Olivis, we decided to publish some of it. We also did something that we have never done before, we withdrew our endorsement of Montgomery and advised the voters of Colbert County to consider carefully the two candidates before they entered the polling place.

Now the citizens of Colbert County are faced with having a superintendent who has attempted to sack three school principals in two short years. There are only nine schools in the system (counting the alternative school), so we have to ask why 33% of Colbert administrators were so incompetent? Or is there something more here?

Obviously, in Mr. Montgomery’s case, he opposed Olivis in the election. Some politicians have long memories, short fuses, and carry grudges. We don’t know if that was the case with Mr. Montgomery’s suspension, but so far, no real evidence has been brought to the public’s attention concerning any malfeasance by the former CHES principal.

We were sent a copy of a Facebook posting by a member of Mr. Olivis’ family in which it was stated Olivis would gladly sit down on a one to one basis with teachers and parents of students who had any concerns. This sounds good on the surface, doesn’t it? Read it again. Apparently Olivis has not agreed to speak before a group on the matter, where it could be recorded or videotaped, nor has he agreed to discuss his actions with any Colbert County taxpayers unless they have a child in one of the schools affected.

We’ve heard many say that Olivis cannot win the next election for superintendent. Yet, voters have short memories and are often swayed by dog and pony shows. Therefore, we can’t say with complete conviction that Olivis will serve for only two more years. We can say that we will support anyone running against Olivis...and hope it is Bob Montgomery.


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