Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lauderdale Dem Candidates for Sheriff?

While there are only two Republican candidates for sheriff in Lauderdale County, there are six hopefuls on the Democratic ballot. All have various levels of experience. All have the minimum qualifications. How does one select the best candidate? Below are some brief insights on each Democratic candidate:
  1. Lowery Davis – He doesn’t bother with meaningless promises of “reform,” but stands more on his current record of work and achievements. Davis has the most experience of any morally viable candidate.
  2. Randall Haddock – He wants to make the department more effective. Obviously, every candidate in recent memory has suggested the same thing. If the department is still run in a shilly shally manner, we need more than a little verbiage on “want.” We need someone who can demonstrate “how.”
  3. Augie Hendershot – He has many good vocational qualities, but lacks the morals needed in an elected official. (We realize not everyone cares about morals, but if you do, you might want to pick a candidate with fewer wives than a basketball team.)
  4. Randall McCrary – He has a great deal of experience, but very little in leadership. Just considering oneself a leader doesn’t make one.
  5. Brett Martin – We already have a sheriff who mangles the Queen’s English; do we really need another? (FYI, Mr. Martin, the past perfect tense of run is “run” not “ran.”)
  6. Carmon Ray – He has vast experience, and wants to bring back respect for the department. Again, this is noble, but just how would Mr. Ray do this? We also have to broach a very touchy subject here. The ideal candidate would be one who could serve for four or so terms in order to provide continuity. Unfortunately, at 70, Mr. Ray might not be able to do that.’s a mixed bag, isn’t it? We’re going with Lowery Davis. Good luck, Mr. Davis. No matter who wins, let’s hope the new sheriff can pull the department up from the muck it has fallen into.



  1. Not that I have a horse in this race, but if one is going to make comments about another's grammatical skills, he should check his own.

    1. Please feel free to correct any one of us here. We appreciate it. So...could you give us a link...or a hint?

  2. I think it's mangles not mangle's.