Friday, May 9, 2014

Landon's Law

“Landon’s Law” is designed to prevent deaths related to certain illicit drugs. The law named for Muscle Shoals resident Landon Letsinger will not prevent all such deaths. In fact, if it had been in effect last year, there’s no guarantee it would have even prevented Landon’s.

The person responsible for Landon’s death is known to authorities. We have his name, but we are not going to publish it until legal charges are brought against the young man. We hope such charges are forthcoming. Just as with William Harold Kimbrough III, if you provide drugs that kill, you should have to suffer the consequences.

Unlike Kimbrough’s victims, Landon thought he was taking something relatively harmless. We hope none of our readers will ever fall victim to what killed Landon, and the best way to prevent this is not to do drugs in the first place.

The second best preventative? At the time of Landon’s death, Pen-N-Sword published an article that contained this bit of advice on hallucinogenic drugs: If it’s bitter, it’s a spitter. No one who provides you with such drugs is your friend. Remember that.

Oh, and back to the young man who gave Landon the drugs. When he is charged, it may be as a juvenile. Authorities may not make his name public, but as we have said before, if someone is old enough to do the crime, he’s old enough to have his name published, so you can expect to see it here.

Landon’s family lives each day with the knowledge of what this young man did…and didn’t do. Let’s hope justice, while not swift in this case, will at least be sure.


Not long after Landon’s death and after some members of Landon’s family asked if we could help, a young woman was killed by a drunk driver. We blogged on her death before the young man was actually arrested (a warrant had already been sworn out, but the driver was still in hospital). One who defended this young man was, to our surprise, a member of Landon’s family.

The difference in the two cases is that John Clark Burns Jr. was known to his victim’s family, but there is no difference in the pain that both Landon’s family and Brittany Underwood’s family feels. Both families deserve justice.


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  1. Why don't you publish the name of the stores that sold these dangerous products for years?