Monday, May 19, 2014

They Published WHAT in Rogersville?

We’ve accidentally called people on our smart phone. We’ve published blogs that were unfinished. We’ve even activated burglar alarms accidentally. Yet there are some things that seem almost impossible to do accidentally...although we once heard of some off-brand preacher stating that many youths have had sex accidentally.

If you’ve been wondering what made its way to a Facebook page “accidentally” and was of so much concern to Rogersville city officials, we can now fill you in. It seems a list of city employees along with Social Security numbers debuted on Facebook via a prominent city official.

How was this published accidentally? We assume it was a copy and paste type post, yet we still can’t fathom what the employee (whose name we won’t reveal) thought she was posting. City officials state the post was online for only two or so hours and that no harm was done. And they’re sure of that?

We’ve had some humorous comments concerning the three Killen youths who were arrested in connection with a home invasion near Emerald Beach. Should we have really branded them stupid? Perhaps one member of the nefarious trio deserves that honor more than the rest.

Cody Wade McGee, 18, reportedly tried to escape from custody during a recent court appearance. McGee, whose age had previously been listed as 16, is a 2013 graduate of Brooks High School. We’re surprised he made it that far. We predict he may be making it all the way to South Alabama very soon.


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