Monday, May 12, 2014

Band Assailant to Go Free?

First, we wish to correct an error in our previous blogs concerning the brutal assault that occurred at Brooks High School in Killen. We had reported both assailant and victim were juniors in high school; however, the victim was in junior high--big difference. So now we have a young man who is 16, quite probably 17, who attacked a second young man who was probably no more than 14.

The attack, no matter what provoked it, was brutal and could have been fatal. It was not some teenage boy who decided to sucker punch someone--not that we advocate that, but we can understand how that sometimes happens. No, we have an attack that took several minutes in which the assailant could have...should have....realized what he was doing and stopped.

Unless the victim should suffer further (and we certainly hope that he does not), the charge will remain felony assault...that is until his attorney asks that his defendant be tried as a juvenile. Most area judges don't give that designation lightly, and we certainly hope this case will not be an exception.

However, if the Brooks High band assailant is classified as a juvenile, he may do no time at all. Is this a fitting punishment? Is being expelled from school enough? This young man may very well be happy about that.

Let's remember the victim in all this...


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