Thursday, May 8, 2014

Where Is Bro. Jeff?

Jeff Eddie is now in State custody at Bibb Correctional Facility. His release date is Februrary 5, 2044. If he is held day for day, he will be 72 years old when released. Alas, in 2044, there will be drugs that make Viagra look like Bayer Asperin. Yet his victims will still be having nightmares about the man.

We have been asked if Bibb Correctional Facility is too good for "Bro. Jeff." The Brent, Alabama, prison holds minimum and medium security prisoners. While we don't like Jeff Eddie, there is no reason for him to be held in a maximum security facility. It costs much more to house maximum security prisoners, and we have no doubt Jeff Eddie doesn't have the...uh, guts to run and start a new life with no funds and the law nipping at his heels.

For those who want to protest any early release Eddie may seek, his AIS number is 293645. If any of us are no longer among the living in 2044, our letters will still be on file in Montgomery. 


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