Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mr. Olivis, Are You Listening?

A guest commentary on the Colbert County School system:
Tuc Montgomery will be named the Principal of the Alternative School (located at Colbert Heights) at the beginning of the next school year.  As evidenced by the myriad of lawsuits filed against the district and Mr. Olivis, it is evident that, once again, Mr. Olivis acted without full knowledge of the laws regarding faculty.  As Mr. Montgomery had signed (shortly prior to the suspension) a new three year contract, there is absolutely nothing Mr. Olivis and the school board can do other than move him to another area in the school system.
I think you should know also that Colbert County will be doing away with current student retention programs - due to so-called funding issues.  With the school(s) scores being what they are, I feel this is a horrible mistake.  IF there are any funding issues within the system, the lawsuits which have been settled at this point have 100% been plaintiff victories - ethically, morally, and financially - which only add to the fiscal problems.
Mr. Olivis is systematically trying to replace any standing administrators in the district with his own "people".  Hence, the many lawsuits that have been filed/are filed against the system as of late. 
Obviously, Mr. Olivis will not win any reelection attempt.  Beyond the constant upheaval with a spouse in the school system, I genuinely feel sorry for the students and parents.  They should not have to bear the brunt of the poor handling of the system by Mr. Olivis.
We welcome any comments on this...from either side.



  1. The things said in this letter about Olivis could not have been said any better! There is quiet a few more things about him that needs to be checked out. While he was Principle at CHHS he was allowing Two Students to go to school there an play football, but yet they lived in CCHS district. Olivis knew of this, an was ok with this. Not only CCHS Students but CHS Students and some City District Students. Also, While running for Superintendent Olivis had some School Employees during School Time, On School Property handing out Political Signs to Students & Parents. This was also advertised on Internet for people to pick up signs an info at the band room. We understand that this is a ethic violation.
    Since being elected superintendent. Olivis has wasted almost hundred thousand dollars on Montgomerys case. We have heard he only has enough money reserved for one month, which the state requires two months reserved. But yet there was a meeting at The Colbert County Board of Ed. Just a few weeks ago about laying off 10 to 15 Teachers this year due to budget cut. We are also looking at Hatton School Closing an those Teacher's lossing there jobs. He made the remark if he got office Hatton & New Bethal would be closed. Hatton is closing! So watch out New Bethal! Now speaking of Asstendient Superintendent Cornelius. He has a Mother that is a Teacher a CHES and a Wife at CHS. The talk is Cornelius Demanded that his Wife get Promoted at a Higher Job at CHS. Could some of this not be Nepotism? Seems to me that Olivis & Cornelius Bullies The Whole Colbert County School System. Please Check These Allegations Out!!! Thank You!!!

  2. I voted for Anthony Olivis. He was the most popular candidate and has been a high school principal. I disagree with the handling of Mr. Montgomery. It might be a long 4 years ahead for Colbert County Schools if this is the level of leadership. Where is Billy Hudson when you need him?

  3. Another thing I would like to add. Cornelius was over all the interviewing teachers and parents. With this being said. Mrs Cornelius 6th grade Teacher was interviewed by her son Cornelius, Then this is Nepotism! Montgomery ask your Attorney about this one.
    Oh an interviewing parents?! How come all parents did not know interviewing was going on incase they had something to say? Why so hush hush? Just so you could pick your few parents that was negative against Montgomery? Sounds about like you two snakes in the grass. Glad I did not vote for you! Parents, Grandparents & Concerned Citizens Start Calling Your Alabama State School Board Now! These two have got to get out of there for the kids sake's.

  4. Lame "leadership" + self-serving interests = suffering schools

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