Saturday, May 17, 2014

We Support Bobby Inman!

Officer Bobby Inman has helped our bloggers on several occasions. That doesn't mean he could never become violent, but we doubt that Officer Inman did anything that was out of line. The City of Sheffield says differently.

Let's see...a motorist is mouthy, then belligerent, then requires pepper spray, then a taser hit is necessary. After all this, is the need for some physical violence, to use the term loosely, that out of line?

Thanks to all officers who protect us daily. If stopped, just say "Yes, Sir., No, Sir., or Thank you, Sir." Believe us, it works out better that way. You can have your day in court if needed.

...and go get 'em, Billy!



  1. What a sad day when officers get abused and our system punishes them and not the offender. God Bless each one!

  2. Something has to be said when Sheffield's own police chief lost his position, but then had it given back. :\

  3. I was so hoping Ray had been fired for good myself......