Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It Wasn't ELDER Abuse (Do They Make This Stuff UP?)

A Killen woman, aged 58, has been accused of abuse that lead to her sister-in-law's death. The victim was 57. This is indeed a horrible crime.

We do have to ask why the TimesDaily is calling it "elder abuse." The law passed in 2013 states that victims have to have reached their seventh decade of life (60 and over) to be included in this law. Pen-N-Sword has called it "patient abuse." There also is a law, not mentioned anywhere in these articles, that covers protected persons, meaning someone who is not mentally competent, but his was not mentioned in either article.

No one here is an attorney, but we don't see how a 57 year-old woman qualifies as a victim under this law. Perhaps TD reporter Tom Smith could clarify this for us.

Charges against Maria Ann Springer Lindsey may be upgraded once her victim's autopsy is complete.



  1. Believe me Mariah is innocent she would never hurt Pam. Mariah was not Pams caregiver only a caring sister n law whom came in and cleaned up alot of the mess in the apartment. She was still working on the roach problem which I can confirm was alot worse before Mariah moved in. People need to get there facts right before writing about things they know nothing about.

  2. Mariah is innocent she is a caring kind woman who will do all she can to help. When she moved in the apartment it was so nasty and roaches was everywhere. Mariah cleaned alot of the mess up she had been spraying and putting things out cause of the roach problem, but isn't that the landlords job? Pam has drank for many many years causing her to fall and hurt herself. Mariah was not her caregiver only a loving sister n law who was trying to help. Mariah was on disability with back problems so tell me how she could even pick Pam up when she was in worse shape than her. Mariah is my aunt I know her well she would never hurt anyone only try to help. I think people need to get facts straight before writing about things they know nothing about. If anyone was being abused it was my aunt.