Friday, May 2, 2014

Special Post: Theft at Highland Park Baptist Church?

We have just received this; we have no more information, except that a second source has corroborated these basic facts. Comments welcome!:

It has been presented to the HPBC membership that the 8th commandment - "Thou Shalt Not Steal" has been violated by a staff member.
Taking "tens of thousands of dollars" and have not seen an arrest or has there been an arrest and the media and police are covering this up.
There is a fundamental problem in that sins appeard to viewed as different degrees that Brother Jeff was arrested and ultimately serves a long sentence. While there is enough guilt on his part, a normal person would have to ask, how many people in authority and responsible for hiring those that care for other people's children were guilty of praising Bro. Jeff and depositing their children in his care on a regular basis. Would these good people not question their judgement of who they are hiring in their workplace after subjecting their children to someone they deemed as wonderful and spiritual when it was to their benefit to do so.
Every person in that church with anything to do with that situation have dirt on their hands too.
Back to the stealing. Is there an arrest warrant for someone taking the member's tithes and offerings meant for something other than lining the pockets of one individual - or maybe it should have gone to mission trips - that in itself has rumored to have compromised commandment 7 & 10.
Politics and Religion do lend themselves to much controversy and seems like these two go hand in hand at HPBC.
Brother Jeff - you committed a grave act - and you are being punished justifiably. You should have committed #8 and you might still be at home with your family.
Another view from the outside as I try not to violate commandment 9.

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