Sunday, May 18, 2014

Muscle Shoals, Football, & Corruption

A Guest Commentary:
Hasn't been so long along ago when the Times Daily wrote about coaches at Muscle Shoals Schools getting big bonuses. In their defense, the superintendent gave the bonuses on school checks. Some say coaches in a rival school system turned this unethical practice in. If  they had not, the money may have never been recovered from the group of parents, months after the public money was paid to the coaches. The superintendent said they had been doing that for years. How many years and how many thousands of taxpayers money were handed out? 
The school board acted surprised. Didn't any of those people ask questions? Do they look at financial statements or do they know what that is? They must be ignorant. Maybe they are too busy planning their next trip at the expense of the poor people of the city to be bothered with something as insignificant as the law.

After a slap on the wrist by the Alabama Ethics Commission and warning against a repeat performance the high school just can't help itself. Within the last month, flyers were hung on walls at the high school offering 2 - two hour classes after school to teach students how to take an ACT test. At the cost of $40.00 CASH, the students could reserve a seat in a minimum class of 15 students. Cash was required since this was the teacher's money for conducting the class after school in the taxpayers building.
Once again, the public is footing the bill for a building and utilities as teachers take cash from our children to put in their pockets. If these public employees want to line their pockets, they need  to find a shade tree in their back yard, not in a publicly owned facility at the taxpayers expense. This message should be received loud and clear: Any person in the big city of Muscle Shoals that wants to use the facilities can and should at no cost. 
Rock On Muscle Shoals. Politics and Religion AND let us not forget FOOTBALL. GO TROJANS.
How bout that city council giving another $100,000.00 for lights at the new football stadium?
If they win a state championship this year - what is that costing the taxpayers per player? $100,000 - or more per player? 
Somehow this doesn't surprise us. Any input?


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