Friday, May 16, 2014

Three Vicious Killen Home Invaders?

Yes, teenagers often do stupid things, some more stupid than others. We see that three Killen teenagers have done something exceptionally stupid. They burst into (read: Home Invasion) the Emerald Beach Road house of a friend who supposedly owed them money. With them they carried two machine guns and one sawed-off shotgun.

Of course the weapons were actually Airsoft replicas, which do shoot a type of pellet and can be dangerous on their own. One investigator, Brad Bolton, stated they “looked real.” Yes, Mr. Bolton, that’s what Airsoft weapons do--they are exact replicas of working fire arms, albeit with an orange tip--unless the little angels remove or paint over it before attacking someone.

The three stupid youths will now be tried as adults…for attempted armed robbery and burglary no less. Do they deserve that? Yes, and more. So here’s a little salute to these wonderful all-American youths in case you missed it elsewhere.

Arrested were:

Timothy Ross - 16

William Myers - 18

Cody McGee - 16

If you see them out in public, be sure to hit them with an Airsoft baseball bat.


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