Friday, February 28, 2014

In Support of Robert "Tuc" Montgomery

In Support of Robert "Tuc" Montgomery

A Guest Blog by

A Concerned Parent

I have seen Mr. Montgomery do everything from clean toilets to entertain public figures with the utmost grace and professionalism. He was in a constant state of making improvements to the classrooms and campus as well as causing our test scores to soar. He always gave the teachers a say in the decisions that were made and many times gave the teachers credit for things he had initiated. I've seen the love the children have for him and what a wonderful role model he has been for many of them that need this so desperately. Seeing this school shine has been his goal. I've seen him discipline children with a tear in his eye only to shake their hand afterwards and tell them how loved they are. Teacher's needs were always accommodated. I've seen the love and admiration the children have for him as well as us parents. So many of his hours outside of the school day were devoted to making sure the campus shined inside & out.

Our Parents organization, the schools finances, the teachers' resources. He just simply has turned CHES into a thriving school. If a teacher didn’t have what they wanted … then they hadn’t asked for it. He has cut the grass on the weekends, shoveled gravel in the pouring rain, as well as spent many of his summers painting the school.

He has reached in and taken money out of his pocket because he was afraid a child didn’t have snack money. He has left his own family on Christmas Eve to deliver a bicycle to parents who he knew would not be able to give their own child a present on Christmas morning.

I shudder to think where our school would be today if he had not come to CHES. He has been with CHES over 10 years. Whether you are a preacher, administrator, principal or in any other type of management position you rarely last but just a few years before problems start to crop up for whatever reason….. this man has lasted for over 10 years plus. That should tell you something about his character and work ethic.

You have 3 or 4 on the campus that may have had to be reprimanded or told to step it up or possibly they weren’t given the answer they wanted to hear on a decision he had to make … it is those few that decided to band together and try to ruin his career.

You all may wonder why I support Mr Montgomery so much. It is because I have worked with the PTO/Cats Committee and also been classroom mom since the first day my oldest started school. I have a child in 5th an a child in 2nd. I have worked along side Mr. Montgomery and teachers with many things.

With all this being said us as parents want to know WHY? Why... Did our principal that does his job and an awesome job at that get removed from his job. He makes sure our Children are safe and get the education they need, our teachers are safe and get the things they need for their class rooms, Our School shines inside an out. We parents have a voice in matters. Plus Much More... SO TELL US WHY???

Editor's Note: Our mail is running four to one in support of Mr. Montgomery.


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