Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Politician's Misplaced Revenge

Since we began our blog over five years ago, we've had a constantly changing lineup of contributors. Two moved away, three began work at another publication, one left due to what may have been seen as a conflict of interest with her job, and one disappeared into the wilds of Cherokee never to be heard from again. We never knew the name of the latter writer and hope that he/she is doing well wherever life has taken them.

Not all these writers contributed to the political segment of our blogging group, and certainly not all of them should be held accountable for the political opinions expressed here; however, it seems at least some have been...and very unfairly so. It's no secret that at one point there were what we called rogue blogs which published half-truths...and even complete untruths...about some who have toiled here with us. We've hoped any who saw these fabrications just considered the source.

Two or three of our former writers were singled out with a concoction of stories which had at best only a 5% basis in reality...and a very distant reality at that. We knew who published and contributed to these blogs and were not really all that surprised at the attacks. Our regret was that innocent friends were dragged into these people's hate fest.

Apparently we were wrong, at least to a degree. No, it wasn't the originators of the blog who concocted most of these tales, but according to an extremely reliable source, it was a local politician. This pol was always noted for his/her vindictiveness and when we endorsed an opponent, he/she fought back in the most dirty way possible. We're happy to say that person didn't win re-election.

It also seems that those this former elected official used to convey these lies have now turned on him/her. Will we publish what they send relating to this person's antics over the years. In a word, "No."

However, this former pol should remember that just like the case we mentioned yesterday, those who have now turned against their former ally will undoubtedly send the same reports to other local media. It's extremely sad when those who seek to serve Shoals citizens can't run on their own merits, but have to resort to the type of behavior mentioned here. It's even sadder that this politician is not the first person to behave this way.

2014 is an election year. Judge the candidates well.


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