Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Undercover Agents" in Leighton

Okay, we promise no more jokes. We just think prostitution stings could come up with a better name for those officers making the supreme they male or female. In case you're totally lost here...

It seems Tony Logan has just led a group of ABI undercover agents into the dangerous world of Leighton/Colbert County prostitution...and beyond. The Tuscumbia chief has announced the arrests of four females and one male on misdemeanor charges related to soliciting sex. Logan went as far as to say there had been unusual activity at local hotels recently. Fill in your own joke here since we promised only the one attempt at humor. Never heard of it. We did visit so that you, gentle readers, will not have to be bothered. Only one ad seems to be local. From Muscle Shoals:

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And the murderer of Mr. Elbert Farley still walks the streets.


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