Thursday, February 20, 2014

Legal Updates

The attorney for Blake Austin Hines has dropped his motion to seek juvenile offender status for the accused home invader. Hines will be tried for the crimes of robbery and assault in June. Hines, who's currently free on 60K bond, maintains three unknown suspects stole his vehicle to commit the crimes.


The case against former City of Rogersville employees suspected of manipulating funds from municipal court was postponed from the last grand jury in Lauderdale County. It's now scheduled to be presented on February 26th.


Rogersville isn't the only local entity currently having problems with missing money. Let's hope the new sheriff rides into town on a white horse with an accountant close behind.


It's now been three years since Jason Dewayne Green was arrested for the shooting of his girlfriend Shay Ledlow. His trial has been postponed numerous times, and Green has been sighted at local parties and even in Tunica. Ahh, the result of delays caused by proration?


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