Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Cafe' Story with Names Removed

If you haven't seen it, you've probably heard about it. It's making the rounds, and several readers have asked us about it. We're going to publish it here with all names removed. If it's true, the owner of the local eatery is in mucho trouble. If it isn't true, the employee should be in similar hot water. The story:
So I would just like to bring something to everyone in the Shoals areas attention. This is one of my dear friends. She worked for XXXXX for almost 5 years. She was dating a guy and their relationship became toxic. When this photo was taken it was the last straw for her and he moved out. She contacted police to file the report and went on to pursue a PFA. She wasn't sure how it would work out considering she worked with this abusive guy. When she contacted her boss he told her verbatim
"If you get a PFA on one of my best workers your job will be the one that suffers the consequences." 

She couldn't fathom loosing the job she had for years and had grown to love. She put the PFA on hold and tried to deal with working with this monster. The owner XXXXX told her that if anyone asked about her black eye she was to not talk about or tell anyone what happened. He also told her to not even look at the guy when they worked in the same building or she would lose her job. In having to work him he would harass her and was able to say whatever he wanted to and suffer no consequences for his actions. He had posted a status on his FB page degrading my friend and talking as badly about someone as possible. She was tired and wore out from day to day being put down. 

She then decided to post a status of her own with this picture in it. That same day this past week she was called in early to work. When she arrived she was fired. When asked why the owner XXXX explained because he had told her to not talk about it and she went against him and did it anyways. My personal opinion on this is that is happened out of work and I'm trying to figure out where he feels this is any of his business. The owner said to my friend that she was just 'crazy' because he had heard about all of her and the abusive ones arguments and I guess he just decided that siding with the abusive one was a good idea because its his 'best' employee. 

My friend felt this needed to be known and I was more than happy to help get this out there. I know someone who currently works there who personally feels a higher level of negativity against domestic violence than even I do. So feel free to share and please get the word out. She loved her job so much she didn't let herself be a victim and worked with her abuser every day to save it. That says more than anything. Being a victim of domestic violence is bad enough without losing your job and here's to never eating at XXXXX! Will never spend another penny in a restaurant owned by a man that supports domestic violence!!!


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