Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kudos to Robin Wade

After our blog on the "Phil Campbell table," we received this from local furniture artist Robin Wade:

So sorry for confusion (that I caused!). Please let me clarify a bit. Last week, I stopped by the Rosenbaum staging area to borrow the table for the weekend's Museum of Alabama grand opening ceremony. When I asked Libby Watts Jordan if I could "borrow it" for the weekend. She said no (joking) because it had been well received. 

One more note; The Phil Campbell table is not a "collection". I made it (and one other smaller table) from a downed tree from the that devastated the small community of Phil Campbell. I promised the mayor back two years ago, that I would make a table from it and donate 100% of proceeds to benefit the community (actually the $ will help pay for a movie that is being made presently. The movie's goal is to bring a second round of attention, fund raising efforts as well as a hope for industry, that would also benefit Phil Campbell tremendously.) Libby Jordan is quite supportive of the fund raising effort for Phil Campbell. She actually was doing the town of Phil Campbell a favor in displaying it.

btw: Saturday during the Museum of Alabama grand opening ceremonies, the governor and his entourage stopped by, seemed quite impressed with the table, the story, and the plight of Phil Campbell (which he was quite aware of).

Again, so sorry for my confusing blog post. I'll try to be more careful in the future. So, in summary, no feud, no fight over the location of a piece of a "line" of furniture for sale. Only a few locals who love our local community, are so proud of the wonderful direction and positive vibes and creativity everywhere, and are trying to help one of our neighboring communities out in our own way.

We're just disappointed that there isn't an actual Phil Campbell line. Perhaps Robin will start one? Congrats to Robin on a successful showing in Montgomery!

Also, apologies for not linking his business site: Robin Wade


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  1. This is 'Brooklyn' Phil Campbell, producer of the documentary I'm with Phil about Phil Campbells around the world and the struggling town of Phil Campbell, Alabama. Thanks for posting this update about Robin's work to help the town of PC, and please check out our web page (www.imwithphil dot com)!