Monday, February 3, 2014

Employment Rumors? UPDATE!

We recently profiled Patrick Smith, the athletic director for Tuscumbia Schools. His link has been removed from the school board website, but according to a source in the school system, while Tuscumbia may have canned their football coach, Smith remains on duty.

We've also been asked about Mike Goens at the TimesDaily. Apparently Mike has been absent from his column for two weeks. His name remains on the TD website. While we don't always agree with Mike's ultra liberal views, he's one of the few great writers our local rag has. We assume he's taking a well deserved few weeks off...or at the other end of the event spectrum, perhaps he has the flu. Whatever the reason for his absence, we hope he's back soon.

The third rumor circulating in the Shoals involves a much darker issue. A youth minister at a large Colbert County Baptist church is said to have been let go after sexual contact with a child. We can only say that his name has been removed from the church's website. While we hope the tale isn't true, sadly we hear the same stories over and over. With old cases being examined in Russellville and Sheffield, it's entirely possible a victim has come forward in this case.

To anyone who has been sexually abused, it's not too late. Please come forward now and get the waste of oxygen off the street.


It's official: Jeff Eddie of Highland Park Baptist arrested!


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