Sunday, February 23, 2014

John Clark Burns Jr. Had Previous DUI

Jane went to a new doctor; he insisted on doing some routine tests, but one of those tests had a not so routine result. Jane had suffered a heart attack some years ago that she wasn't aware of. Had she been taking her medicine regularly, the doc asked. No. But you can bet that Jane did from that day forward. It's called a wake-up call. 

Burns' mugshot from 7/7/2013 DUI arrest

Yes, when most individuals get a wake-up call, they do just that. They wake-up, smell the coffee, and change their lifestyle. A few just don't seem to get it. They have to hit rock bottom before they change their ways. A very few never change no matter how far they fall, and their lives are extremely short.

On July 7, 2013, John Clark Burns Jr. was arrested for a DUI in Florence. It's our understanding that this case has not yet come to trial due to various delays in the municipal court process. On September 9, 2013, Burns wrecked his truck into the Darby Store building in Cypress Inn, Tennessee. First responders reported Burns was intoxicated when they removed him from the vehicle. Blood tests later confirmed that, and Burns was arrested on the charge of Vehicular Homicide. He also awaits a trial/plea in that case.

In other words, 63 days after being arrested for a DUI, John Clark Burns Jr., again drove drunk and took the life of Brittany Marie Underwood. Some readers have asked why Underwood would have gotten into Burns' truck. We're guessing that Burns was so used to the effects of alcohol on his body, he managed to present a picture of one who was under control of the situation. He apparently controlled his driving that night until he reached an extremely sharp curve on a very dark road and plowed into the shed built onto the Darby store. It's a miracle that he survived the crash and subsequent fire.

Yes, he lives and will graduate from UNA with a degree in Business Administration this spring. His future will depend upon the charges he's facing in Tennessee. Do we think he's remorseful? That's not for us to decide; nor is it cause to let him shirk the consequences of his actions.


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  1. he showed no remorse by driving drunk AGAIN..........