Thursday, May 4, 2017

Safeplace/Ups N Downs Thrift Store

We had a reader who felt our humorous comment about a certain Muscle Shoals coach did not help the understanding of domestic violence and asked us to do more to make our readers aware of the problem. We feel that most readers are surely aware that it transcends class lines, but since money problems exacerbate the violence, it's obviously found more in homes where there is a lack of ready funds. It's also safe to assume some types of men are more prone to violence than others.

For two or more years we maintained an ad for Safeplace in our sidebar. The ad featured a battered woman. Then a Safeplace representative sent us a new logo...a friendly logo that she said created a more positive image for the entity. Until then, we had two to three readers each week exit our site to the Safeplace page. After the logo change? We watched the spot for months, and it didn't get one hit. We finally took the ad down. It's our opinion that dressing up domestic violence in a tutu doesn't do anyone a service. 

The Waterloo science teacher? We understand more information is forthcoming tomorrow.


We've received several questions about Ups N Downs Thrift Store. We can say that it is definitely chartered in this state as a non-profit. It was registered June 19, 2014.

Some are suggesting the charity is not all it claims. If any of our readers have specific information, contacting Mayor Holt to investigate is not going to help, as we're sure he'll tell you. That's like the old joke about entering a hardware store to order a Moon Pie and RC. What some readers are suggesting is the commission of a felony; therefore you need to contact the Lauderdale County District Attorney's office. That office is the only government organization that can bring charges in such cases, unless you want to bypass them and go to the Alabama attorney general who will probably send you right back to the DA's office. 

Some time ago we had a young man, a college student, contact us. It seems he had gotten behind with his bills and Ups N Downs was going to pay $50.00 toward his utilities if he would work four hours doing warehouse work for the Veterans Drive store. 

At that time we told him that seemed fair. We're rethinking this, at least slightly. Items sold in the store are donated, yet the owner has to pay utilities, rent, etc. What do you think, readers? Is this a fair exchange or not?

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  1. Does registering as a nonprofit in this state make them exempt with the IRS?