Wednesday, May 17, 2017

An American Dream Gone Wrong - Part III

From a reader:

I soon found out that things could get worse. I learned that MP was paying for supplies out of his own pocket or using a relative's checking account. That meant the money he took in at the shop wasn't going in its bank account, and there would be absolutely no record of these transactions. Nor would there be any profits for me to be paid from a shop I still owned 40% of. MP was even telling others that he owns the business. Would I ever receive any proceeds for my rightful share?

Soon I received a notice to return to court. Judge Hatcher announced that she'd been presented evidence that I'm working with my wife. I answered honestly that I'm not, but I am selling plumbing supplies. She responds that since the two are closely related, I can't do that either. The two are closely related? Hatcher also bans me from even visiting my wife at her work, while sentencing me to a suspended 10 days in jail for working at my plumbing supply job.

The non-complete agreement was to end on April 1st of this year. Finally I would be free. Two days before that date I received another letter to return to court. BAD said he has evidence that I had broken the non-complete agreement. He wanted me to do some actual jail time and for the judge to add an additional year to the non-complete agreement.

By this time I was desperate for help and hired an attorney from Birmingham. My new lawyer says Alabama is a right to work state and there's no way BAD's demands could stand up in court. Why had Judge Jackie Hatcher ruled as she did?

When June comes, I may be going to jail for 10 days simply because I want to work and support my family. BAD wants nothing more now than to destroy my family. I want him exposed for what he is.


The above account brings to mind the phrase that absolute power corrupts absolutely. BAD believes he is above the law. No matter what happens in June (and we sincerely hope our reader is victorious), God knows what BAD has done and is planning to do. Let's hope he rethinks his actions and that our reader's attorney proves his three years in law school weren't wasted. 


Perhaps Lynn Greer shouldn't e-mail? On the flip side, perhaps we're lucky he doesn't Tweet.


Tomorrow we'll have some interesting news on the planned West Irvine Avenue apartment complex. Then more on NWSCC and political plans of a Colbert County commissioner. 

Our big story? We still await, but we'll publish as soon as given the go ahead. We promise water coolers around certain Shoals area businesses will be boiling.


  1. Ill be the first to say .. JUDGE HATCHER YOUR TERM IS UP IN 2018. Good ridens your ethics have left you. Your oath has left you and obviously your clout is bigger than your gavel and you rule accordingly as proven repeatedly. You dont deserve the bench any longer.

  2. Curious if he will have to do time. Curious whats hatchers interest in this