Saturday, May 20, 2017

Return to Colbert County

The Colbert County School System:

From a reader: 

* System refused to offer Biology (the only state required high school science elective) to students in 2016/17.
* 'Fired' two non-tenured science teachers in Nov. (not at end of semester or year) at Colbert County High (no known cause).

* Pink slipped at least one remaining HS science teacher.
* Hired a Fire Science instructor (from Colbert 911 and EMA) at Cherokee High.

This is not good for students. They and their parents need continuity and to be able to trust the decisions made by this Board. These irrational and capricious decisions should be questioned by any stakeholders and the media. It seems as though they are  driving a bus straight to state takeover.


Colbert County Stills:

We were at first bemused by some of the reactions to a reader's guest editorial on Colbert County Commissioner David Black. While we don't think this is the genesis of the problems many have with him, he has been named as one of three commissioners who voted to allow a former member of the Dawson gang to operate a legal distillery on LaGrange Mountain. 

We're not familiar with the safety issues, but do know that several fire departments spoke against it. We also know that many felt the vote was precipitous since one commissioner was absent from the May 2nd meeting. 

Reader comments welcome.


We'll be having quite a bit more later on hit dogs, but today we wish to mention a fun and entertaining meeting we had several years ago. Political strategist Paul Begala often visited Florence when his parents lived here, and we had the great pleasure to be introduced to him. If you're not familiar with Paul, he was a Clinton advisor and often appeared on CNN and other news outlets. 

(Before you ask, no, we always detested Clinton. Also, we can't imagine how disliking nutcase Roy Moore makes us a "progressive liberal.")

If we were running for state office, we would hire a real PR firm...just a thought. As for those who claim the title political strategist, but can't make a simple post without using vulgarities? Need we formally answer that?

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